Product Launch

Launching new products or building campaigns to activate new messages requires specialist knowledge and expertise. On the one hand, you have to excite the consumer. At another level, the trade must also be motivated and educated. And you must be prepared to schedule and deliver all manner of materials and variants on creative execution. Our understanding of marketing strategy coupled to our ability to manage the finer details has seen us achieve great success for global brands and local business.


Launching the first fully imported Indian motor vehicle onto the Australian marketplace demanded fresh brand strategy, concise retail messaging and unique creative execution supported by a proactive channel strategy.

Starting with a blank page, our team crafted brand, retail and channel activity through various traditional platforms. Integration addressed print, radio, TV, digital asset development (including site development, viral launch and tactical initiatives), SEM, SEO and content development, digital media, DM and EDM, sponsorship and supporting PR.

Initial campaign activity took Mahindra brand awareness to an unprecedented level within each carefully targeted market segment. Lead generation strategies continue to roll out and are geared around strong retail offers, promotional incentive-based campaigning and ongoing product launch activity.