Our Work

Brand Development

With a history of working with global brands, we understand what it takes to get brand strategy right. Our experience has allowed us to become involved in brand development activity for with national businesses looking to consolidate a new direction; growing businesses going global and local businesses simply looking for consistency and focus in their brand message. Click here for a sample of our work »

Brand Extension

Our understanding of branding and corporate positioning places us in a unique position to work with larger clients looking for brand extension activities of new campaign initiatives. This means that we are well placed to manage a rage of activities, from the execution of local campaigns that capture the spirit of Aston Martin, to promotional campaigns that align to the global standards of American Express. Click here for a sample of our work »

Campaign Integration

It’s now possible to capture prospect attention at almost every stage along their consideration path. And that means that every campaign must consider the depth of opportunity available at each stage. Campaign integration is no longer something that can be taken for granted. The outcome is that every brief we take is focused upon tracking the customer journey and integrating campaign initiatoves that compound to create accelerated outcomes. Click here for a sample of our work »

Retail Strategy

Retail strategy demands high quality, fast turnaround creative. At Accelerate, we are geared to deliver just that. In fact, around 50% of the work we do is structured creating and executing a retail outcome in some form. The result is that we consistently deliver to imaginative, fresh thinking to retail activity. Click here for a sample of our work »


Gamification is gathering significant momentum globally. As brands look for innovative ways to attach themselves to the psyche of their market segments, gamification is taking hold. When integrated with multi-layered campaign strategy, it has the potential to not only engage but actively drive leads and convert sales (whilst also having a bit of fun). Click here for a sample of our work »

Promotional Campaigning

Not all retail is the same. Applying creative thinking to all areas of our business ensures that we are constantly in a position to deliver fresh thinking to traditional strategy. The outcome is a regular stream of promotional initiatives that capitalise upon global trends in promotional campaign activation. Click here for a sample of our work »

Product Positioning & Education

Innovation in message execution combined with new initiatives in gamification and promotional campaigning can add significant momentum to product education and positioning. By simply encouraging people to engage with your brand, you can actively integrate learning and enhance knowledge of your product and brand. Click here for a sample of our work »

Product Launch

Launching new products or building campaigns to activate new messages requires specialist knowledge and expertise. On the one hand, you have to excite the consumer. At another level, the trade must also be motivated and educated. And you must be prepared to schedule and deliver all manner of materials and variants on creative execution. Our understanding of marketing strategy coupled to our ability to manage the finer details has seen us achieve great success for global brands and local business. Click here for a sample of our work »

Digital Strategy

No-one just wants a web site. It needs to look good, load quickly when someone arrives, engage with clients and prospects, deliver product information in a concise manner, capture leads, execute efficient lead conversion, capture testimonial content, build database registrations, carry live feeds, feature e-commerce, integrate with social media, rank in organic search and do everything it is supposed to do when the boss looks for it. That means you need a digital strategy. This is a cornerstone delivery in our digital transitioning strategies that we execute for clients. read more »

Digital Transitioning

Having been one of the first to integrate a digital team into a mid-sized agency as a means of ensuring clients have the right infrastructure in place and the best skills at hand to manage comprehensive campaign activity, we understand the bumps and curves of digital media integration. The outcome is that our media strategies are tight and neatly managed across all media platforms. Every campaign we activate now is integrated. read more »

Social Media

With 2/3 of the global internet population now on social media, it’s no wonder everyone wants a piece of it. From BLOGS to podcasts, RSS feeds and forums, facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, the opportunities are limitless, but not always relevant. We are working with clients to help them make sense of the clutter and make informed decisions about the what, how and when. read more »

Search Marketing & Optimisation

Not so long ago, businesses were really only interested in a presence on the internet. Evolution has however changed all that and it’s no longer just a case of having a web site. Everyone wants to be seen … and that starts with SEM and SEO. A critical component of our client digital transitioning strategies is the creation and implementation of strategies that build success in SEM and SEO. A little known statistic is that combined SEM and SEO presence will increase the likelihood of click through by 90%. We can help you get there. read more »

Channel Strategy

We understand that accelerated business performance demands that the channel is motivated. Over many years we have worked with Brand, Product, Campaign and Marketing Managers to create channel strategies to ensure that what the market hears, the channels can sell. Click here for a sample of our work »


Niche markets demand niche thinking. And often that means immersing your brand in the environment of your customer. This takes a special kind of detail, an understanding of segment market expectations and a stage managed campaign approach. At Accelerate we have spent many long hours with clients orchestrating these initiatives. Click here for a sample of our work »

Logo Design

Logo design is as much a function of personal taste as defined strategy … and the scope of each project varies dramatically. We have however ben fortunate to work with some great brands (big names and small) to create logos that capture the spirit of the brand and the personality of the businesses and individuals we work with. Click here for a sample of our work »

Digital Media Trading

The emergence and evolution of digital has created a world of new opportunity. We have been fortunate to become immersed very early in the world of digital media and Demand Side Platforms. The result is that we now integrate DSP strategy into many of the client campaign activity we manage. read more »