Craig Poole

After more than 16 years owning and running marketing & Creative Communications agency Synchromesh, in July 2013 Craig moved on to launch Accelerate Creative Strategies.

Having worked client side at various levels and becoming immersed in campaign and creative advertising, prior to leaping into digital, Craig knows what is needed to create sustainable campaign success.

With over 20 years experience in marketing, advertising and digital, Craig works with clients (including global brands as well as local emerging businesses) to formulate, build and implement marketing and creative initiatives that support business acceleration.

As well as running Accelerate Creative Strategies, Craig works closely with team driving the creative and brand consultancy side of the business in Accelerate Business Strategies.

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The Team

It would be impossible to run a successful business without a great team. Everyone who plays a part in the success of Accelerate, first starts by building success for our clients.

At all levels within our business, our team is sufficiently humble and yet highly motivated to deliver the best possible outcome.

We understand that there is no mortgage on a great idea. That you are never to busy to answer the phone. And that ego has no place in a great outcome.

As our clients and our suppliers will testify, our people are great to deal with, intensely loyal and good to be around.