Digital Strategy

No-one just wants a web site. It needs to look good, load quickly when someone arrives, engage with clients and prospects, deliver product information in a concise manner, capture leads, execute efficient lead conversion, capture testimonial content, build database registrations, carry live feeds, feature e-commerce, integrate with social media, rank in organic search and do everything it is supposed to do when the boss looks for it. That means you need a digital strategy. This is a cornerstone delivery in our digital transitioning strategies that we execute for clients.


This international brand needed a global solution to attract a broader selection of consumer profiles for their online research community. Our creative strategy needed to bridge culture and language.We discovered that people would be motivated if they felt their opinion really mattered. We developed the campaign banner: “Change your world one answer at a time.” The resulting campaign extended into 10 languages and 12 countries. Our campaign extended to banner, skyscraper and medium rectangle advertising formats that appear on popular websites around the world, deferring respondents through to purpose-built campaign sites.