Digital Media Trading

The emergence and evolution of digital has created a world of new opportunity. We have been fortunate to become immersed very early in the world of digital media, Demand Side Platforms and Programmatic Media Buying. The result is that we now integrate DSP strategy into many of the client campaign activities we manage.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Accelerate has spent considerable time working with the MGSM marketing team to transition traditional campaign and general comms activity into digital. For MGSM, this digital transition commenced some time ago with the redevelopment of the web site structure and content.

Today, our team along with MGSM marketing have continued the evolution.

Whilst traditional media activity still plays an important part in MGSM marketing, our strategy is very much one of an integrated campaign that stretches across Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, digital display (across CPC and CPM), Digital Media Trading (and DSP), social media response based initiatives and targeted EDM.