Brand acceleration - Marketing campaigns that drive momentum

Everyone knows both marketing and advertising have changed ... it is now more complex and intricate than ever before. Our aim is to make this world seem so much simpler.

All good marketers know that they can no longer rely upon a traditional TV campaign or standard media buy to deliver the results.

For some, the challenge is where you start, or how to segment a marketing budget to deal with new media and creative opportunities.

For others, it becomes what you should start with, be it digital display media, SEM, SEO, social media strategies and content, site enhancement or new site development, campaign site or corporate site, what URL to use and even content strategy ... all valid opportunities but which one is the most valid relative to where you are now.

For others still, it may be what to do next, how accurate and definitive are your campaign metrics, what are you really trying to track (traffic, registrations/leads, click throughs, page views, time on site, or cost per lead ... again, all are valid. The question becomes which is more valid and what do you do with all these metrics.

And for some it is where new opportunities fit in, how social media should integrate, sourcing rich media content and how it should be used, how relevant are QR codes, where does gamification fit in.

At Accelerate we are working with clients on creative advertising and marketing campaigns that integrate new media with traditional advertising strategies. Our people are discovering new ways to engage new markets, improving campaign performance and driving higher levels of response.