As well as working with clients on creatively fresh retail and brand activity, a significant amount of what we do involves delivering
successful B2B campaign strategies.
For some clients, this might be simply an extension of the retail and brand building activity.
For others it is a specialist area that requires a multi-layered approach that might include selective targeting, events, content development (including white papers, testimonials and web casting), programmed follow up, PR and working with third party software platforms
such as Salesforce and Eloqua to ensure efficient prospect management and lead conversion.

Juniper Networks

Reaching IT decision-makers with a compelling proposition demanded sophisticated campaign integration.

The strategy involved carefully defining the message before executing an integrated campaign through highly targeted online advertising, content placement, search marketing and traditional DM, with response feeding back into the purpose-built campaign site.

Impressions and conversions both exceeded campaign expectations with lead generation and subsequent enterprise sales conversion at ten times campaign value.

Juniper Networks

American Express - Foreign Exchange

To optimise conversion of American Express FXIP new business contacts, our team was commissioned to develop a strategy targeting new and dormant FX clients. The brief was to conceive, develop and implement a strategy that increased the frequency of FX trading by American Express FXIP customers.

The multi-layered campaign generated over 200% increase in customer retention and an equal increase in turnover.